Useful Links

Dog Training and for assistance with Behavioural Problems

Ourway Dog Training, Lynn Barber, Leigh

Complimentary Therapy

To offer relief of stress, trauma and anxiety and stress related illness for dogs, cats and horses:

Time to Mind, Dawn Godfrey-Cass, Royal Wootton Bassett

Grooming Supplies:
For everyone who asks us where they can get the Lavender and MintAromatherapy Spray we use on the dogs coats:

The Essential Guide

The holiday season is close, and pet parents might unknowingly put their pets in danger.
Apparently, there are no regulations on pet toys, and unsafe toys can be life-threatening.
I collaborated with Dr. Libby, and we created a detailed guide on pet toy safety with a checklist that helps parents make responsible decisions.
You can find it here:

Benefits of Pets for Kids – The Essential Guide:
This guide is a very comprehensive resource on the many benefits of having pet animals for children. It covers: what it takes to own a pet, why a pet is a healthy addition to any child’s upbringing, how to take care of pets, and pets for special needs children. As well as plenty of other useful advice and information.

Driving With Dogs 101: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy in the Car:

Dog Theft Awareness: How to keep your dog safe whilst out and about:

volunteer dog walkers

We get many people looking for somewhere to offer their time as volunteer dog walkers. We recommend:

The Cinnamon Trust: A national charity for the elderly set up with a view that pets can provide benefits to the well-being of elderly owners. They are often looking for volunteers to foster dogs and to walk dogs:

Swindon’s Needy Dogs who are a small group of local volunteers that help the needy dogs of Swindon, including dogs that come into the pound:

Animal Welfare /Pet Charities:

Dogs Trust:
Guide Dogs for the Blind:
The Blue Cross:
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust: