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Flaxlands Kennel Services

Luxury Overnight stays

We arrange our day to make sure all dogs have individual long walks around our fields spending time with them from first thing in the morning right through to when we settle them down for bed. We provide everything your pet needs for a comfortable stay, but you are welcome to bring along any of your pets blankets/fleeces, treats or toys to help them feel at home during their stay. If you would prefer your pet to stay on their own diet, please bring it along and we will follow your instructions. You can bring your pet in the morning or afternoon between 9am and 10am and 4pm and 5pm.

Our prices explained for overnight stays

The first day of any stay is always charged in full, regardless of arrival time. The last day is not charged if you collect your pet between 9.00 and 10.00 am. Any collection after 10.00 am is charged as another full day.

Luxury Day Care

Includes individual walks around our field morning and afternoon. We can provide our food or use your pet's own food if you do not wish to change it. You are welcome to bring along familiar items from home such as blankets, toys or fleeces.

Times to drop off and collect your pet are arranged by appointment.

Price Guide:

  • 'All breeds/sizes £38.00 per day. If two or more pets from the same family are sharing our luxury private accommodation we offer a ten percent discount on the daily rate. (Supplements may apply for very strong dogs or those on multiple medications)
  • Gold or Upgrade Days are an extra £7.50 each day*

Call 01793 853 686 or email today to arrange a visit & see what we can do for your pet

Gold or Upgrade Days

You can upgrade any day to a Gold Day. This includes longer walks, luxury treats and a relaxing brush. We enjoy spending lots of time with your pet throughout the day, including our much anticipated fuss and treat times at lunch and bed time. Gold day upgrades are all this and then some! All dogs enjoy and look forward to our individual (or family) walks around our field morning and afternoon. This is quality one-on-one time with us, tailored around their personal needs, and is included as part of our regular daily routine.

If your pet loves to run off the lead or likes to play with toys or chase balls, you can upgrade any day of your choosing to an individual or social off lead play day (morning and afternoon) with a personal carer in our play area. We enjoy play days as much as the dogs do and always stay with them to enjoy the fun.